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Whiplash Injury: this injury occurs when a force is applied at speed resulting in uncontrolled joint translation to extremes for example during a road traffic collision. The resultant ligament and muscle strain in the neck or back can leave the patient in extreme pain. With the therapeutic techniques at our disposal we are able to quickly relieve pain and restore normal movement patterns. Post-op rehab: All of our therapists have experience in rehabilitating patients post-operatively. Whether you have had a rotator cuff repair, shoulder debridement, ACL reconstruction, Achilles repair, knee replacement, shoulder replacement, hip replacement, ankle replacement, post-fracture or carpal tunnel release, we have the expertise to treat you.

What people say? I would highly recommend Leyland Physiotherapy. The friendly team put you at ease from the outset and the treatment and follow up exercises provided resulted in successful steps to recovery each week. The environment is clean, with excellent treatment rooms and equipment. The Physiotherapists are highly professional and knowledgeable and listened to the issues, providing treatments that got right to the problems and their causes, with advice provided so that fitness following treatment can be maintained. I will recommend to friends and won’t hesitate to go back if needed.

Physiotherapy is a science based profession, which employs proven techniques to promote, maintain and restore physical and psychological well being. Before treatment can commence, the treating therapist will need to undertake a medical history and thorough assessment. Following this, treatment options will be discussed with the patient and an individualised treatment plan can then be formulated and implemented. Due to the vast experience of our therapists here at Leyland Physiotherapy, we are able to offer an extensive list of treatment techniques & physiotherapy services. Discover extra details at Physiotherapy Leyland.

Our team of physiotherapists are ready to help… At Leyland Physiotherapy, we’re passionate about pain management. Regardless of whether you’re a professional athlete, simply enjoy a walk at the weekend or anything in between, we’re motivated to help you achieve your fitness objectives. We take a proactive and highly professional approach to achieve a better result for you.

Lynn Lea became a partner at Leyland Physiotherapy in 1987 and subsequently Michelle Kinney in 2002. Since then the practice has expanded and now includes an office manager and a further nine experienced Chartered Physiotherapists .The premises have been completely refurbished so that we can offer four fully-equipped treatment rooms. Lynn retired after 38 years as a successful physiotherapist, and the highly respected business continues to grow under the care of Michelle Kinney. Find additional info at