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Church or school painting in Jacksonville with a high level firm : Referrals and Portfolios! The interwebs are an amazing resource for getting a sense of what your contractor can do and what kind of experience they offer. Browse their reviews online, as a starting point, and be sure to take note of how your prospective pro responds. Something can be learned from how they handle the occasional (sometimes inevitable) poor review too. You also could ask your contractor which local houses they have painted. We don’t recommend walking around the person’s yard, poking at trim or deck boards, but there’s no harm in driving by. In short, if your contractor says they do good work, don’t just take their word for it. They should be ready and proud to display their craftsmanship.

Don’t leave ’em hangin’. Always be honest with your customers. Tell them the truth – they will understand. If something comes up or you are going to be late, make sure you call. Communication is a must. You just can’t leave them wondering what’s going on. Strive for balance: Once I asked someone how to avoid getting too high when things were up and too low when things were down. He said if you want to have any sort of a balanced life, you have to know the difference between possible and probable. To be great at this business, you have to try to paint every single apartment complex that ever goes up for bid. To stay sane, you have to admit you’re not going to get them all. But that doesn’t stop me from trying.

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Charging too little. Many painting contractors feel pressure to lower their price in order to win the job. I used to compete with the under cutters myself. What I discovered is that homeowners usually DON’T pick the low bid. In fact, they are often scared by the low bid. People obviously want to pay as little money as possible, but they also don’t want a hack-job. Instead of trying to undercut my profits away, I got better at selling my value and quality. Sometimes I was TWICE as expensive as other bids they received and I still won the job because they trusted me and my quality. Respect your price (and yourself) and charge what’s fair. Charge something that delivers a quality job to the homeowner, but also leaves you something for your effort.

When you decide to change color or enhance the value of a home or business with professional painting; it’s all about the proper prep, good paint & choosing the right painting contractor. Pro Color Painting offers a check list for choosing painting contractors in Jacksonville. It’s challenging to find the right painting contractor in Jacksonville. You’ll want dependability and value, while delivering merit to your home, office or investment property. Painting Contractors Need Proof of Insurance : many painting contractors will indicate they are insured, Pro Color Painting presents you with a copy of our policy, stating the carrier and amount of coverage. Any type of construction, painting service or waterproofing can be an accident waiting to happen; make sure your painting contractor is adequately licensed & insured. Ask for proof that you’re protected. If the paint contractor hesitates; find another. Discover extra details at https://www.procolorpaintingllc.com/.