Jordan private tours and travel 2022 by AlexTravel

Jordan private tours and travel today by Rent a car and drive the Desert Castle Loop to visit the sites. You’ll get the chance to see Quseir Amra, a squat building with interiors covered with beautiful frescoes; Quseir Hallabat, a Roman fort that features volcanic basalt rock and a well-preserved mosaic; Quseir Al-Kharanah, a castle-like structure that has dozens of rooms, but whose original function has been lost to history; and Azraq Castle, an ancient walled fort known as the place where T.E. Lawrence sought shelter in 1917-1918. Situated just 20 kilometers northwest of Jerash, Ajloun makes a worthwhile trip for tourists who want to see some of the best natural scenery in all of Jordan. Plan to spend a day hiking around the Ajloun Forest Reserve, a 13-square-kilometer expanse of pristine, open woodlands. In the spring, the area is blanketed by wildflowers, which makes for spectacular photo opportunities. Keep your eyes peeled for the crested porcupines and striped hyenas that live in the area. Be sure to visit the Ajloun Castle on the summit of Mount Auf. It was built in the 12th century in the footprints of an even older Byzantine monastery to protect against the Crusader attacks. Its mountaintop location offers sweeping views of the Jordan Valley. Read more information at The Best Jordan Adventures.

See a different side to Jordan in this low-lying valley, where the River Jordan runs south from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. The valley is lush with date, banana and tropical fruit farms which export their wares year-round thanks to the region’s rich soil and subtropical climate. Surrounded by mountains on both sides, the valley has been settled for around 10,000 years and now runs alongside the border with Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Aqaba is Jordan’s gateway to the Red Sea. It buts up to the out-and-out resort town of Eilat in Israel across the border, and crowns the tip of the salty water with a medley of palm-spotted promenades and yellow sand beaches. Today, widespread redevelopment projects, and the raising of uber-luxurious resort hotels at Tala Bay just to the south, are converting Aqaba into the perfect seaside escape in the Middle East. You can tour the ancient ruins of Tall Hujayrat Al-Ghuzlan, see the date trees of the Shatt Al-Ghandour, or do what most do: go underwater on a SCUBA excursion to see the multi-colored reefs that fringe the submarine beds all around.

Head to the southern region of Jordan, and you’ll be treated to one of the most spectacular landscapes across the globe: Wadi Rum. Also known as the Valley of the Moon, this sandstone and granite rock valley is an otherworldly experience, with towering cliffs, massive dunes, swirling archways, and caverns. It served as the set for much of the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia and was tagged a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. Adventure lovers, eat your heart out: The Zalabia Bedouin, a cultural group that lives in the area, have transformed the Wadi Rum into an ecotourism playground. You can ride camels or spirited Arabian horses through the area, strap on a harness and go rock climbing up the sandstone mountains, hike through canyons, and kick up sand on ATV tours. Read additional info at

Learn about traditional Jordanian food through cooking lessons with the indomitable Maria at Beit Sitti. Not only will you get to taste the smoky, aubergine richness of baba ganoush and the more suspect aniseed spirit Arak, but you’ll mix with people from Amman in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Top tip: choose an evening class and enjoy the sound of the call to prayer amid the orange blossom in this old and beautiful part of Amman. Bright skies, pleasure boats and snorkelling await in Aqaba, Jordan’s playground. It’s also a good dive site and has easily accessible markets for spice pyramids, incense and perfume. Top tip: Make sure to visit the markets in the evening, when the smoke of the incense is at its most atmospheric. Also, check out this video on how to snorkel for beginners before you go.