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GYS SmartMIG 142 Compact MIG Welder


Includes Trafimet MIG torch & Earth clamp – No regulator
Single phase welding machine – 140A
Portable and ideal for maintenance
Easy to use and intuitive with the SMART solution
Perfectly suited to repair work on steel, stainless steel and aluminium
Portable, weighs only 21KG
Low current consumption, suitable for use on a domestic 13A power supply
Takes both 1KG & 5KG wire reels
Quick and easy set-up
Gas & No Gas
Constant running fan protects unit against overheating

Technical Specifications

Input supply – 230V 1 Phase
Fuse rating – 13A
Welding current range – 40A – 140A
Duty cycle – 20% @ 90A / 20C
Wire diameter – 0.6MM – 0.8MM / 0.9MM Gasless Wire
OCV – 28-39V
Wire Feeder – 2 Roll
Dimensions – 240MM X 420MM X 380MM
Weight approx – 21KG
Generator capable – 3.5KVA

GYS TIG 168 Pulse DC TIG Welder

Hot Start gives an adjustable overcurrent at the start of weld.
Arc Force delivers an overcurrent which avoids sticking when the electrode enters the weld pool.
Anti Sticking allows easy removal of the electrode in case of sticking.
Pre flow
Post flow
Up slope / Down slope
Overload protection
Can run on 7.5KVA Generator

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage – 230V 1 Phase
Input Current – 16A
Amperage Range – 10A – 160A
Pulse Frequency – 0.2HZ – 20HZ
No Load Voltage – 82V
Duty Cycle – 60% @ 100A / 40C
Dimensions – 140MM X 370MM X 300MM
Weight of Machine – 9KG

Includes TIG torch, MMA Leads & Earth clamp