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Let’s take a look some of the coolest items reaching in stores this year. A study led by Columbia University found that, on average, people spent about 77% of their waking life in a sitting or sedentary position. On the same note, most people working at their desks use laptops, which results in them looking down instead of directly in front. Kenneth Hansraj, a spinal surgeon, has been studying the spinal changes caused by looking down at your phone. And our postures only seem to be getting worse. Perhaps the easiest way to market this type of product is to advertise to people based on their job title. You can create a list of the most common desk jobs such as administrative assistant, writer, or programmer. Then, you can create ads detailing the benefits of the posture corrector.

A portable blender is great for fitness enthusiasts and the trend to stay fit is rising in 2019. Many people have made it their resolution to stay fit and what is the best way to do that? Through a healthy diet. The juice lets them do that it is available from multiple companies but the best one is Blendjet. Purchase vertical mouse and other products on Gizmoist online store.

While air coolers aren’t exactly new products on the market, they’re starting to become quite mainstream. In some countries, like Germany, there are several environmental laws which make getting air conditioning a bit complicated. As a result, items like personal air coolers may be purchased to keep the home or workplace cool in the summer. Plus, with more condos being built in major cities, sometimes entire buildings lose their AC for weeks. And with the greenhouse effect occurring from the sun shining down in your condo, people can be desperate enough to buy an air cooler for themselves. To market this product, you can scan conversations on Twitter about hot weather or extreme heat.

This voice-controlled assistant will tell you the weather, play music, help you in the kitchen and even order you an Uber. You can Google anything from across the room or send a message to a friend without touching your phone. Hopefully, the technology will be good enough for you to someday say, “Alexa, do my laundry.” We can dream. On offer jump drive and more products on Gizmoist.

Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks, Magnetic tiles building blocks are also extremely popular. A top-trending item for both sellers and shoppers. It’s suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids; that’s great news for you, as the product has higher margins. This particular model has been reviewed over 200 times, and it’s rated 4.4 stars by its users.

CBD — in everything: While 2018 saw the introduction of many products containing CBD, 2019 is when this industry will really flourish. In December 2018, Congress passed a bill legalizing hemp, a key source of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD. That means you’re going to see CBD infused into every possible product you can imagine, from food to skincare. Already, you can buy small-batch olive oil from California, moisturizing body lotion, and even vitamin gummies, all harnessing the restorative power of CBD to treat chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Looking to purchase some neck massager at a reduced price ? Visit Gizmoist online store.