Best tips to obtain Clash of Clans gems

Clash of Clans is an amazing strategy game for mobile devices that is very popular even years after launch. You can also play Clash of Clans on PC if you install a Android emulator like Nox or Bluestacks. This is a strategy that prioritises loot over trophies, allowing attackers easy access to the Town Hall so that they avoid attacking collectors. If you’re looking to save for an upgrade, placing the Town Hall on the outside can be a big help. It also gives you a “free” 12-hour shield after every attack that allows you to either recover from the defeat or celebrate the attack. One of the keys to “Clash of Clans” success is patience. The game takes over two years to complete from scratch (without gems) and setbacks will occur along the way. Remaining calm will make it so much better.

My personal attack strategy: 10 Dragons, two rage spells, one heal spell, barb king, (You can use three lightning spells if you want to destroy the enemies air defense but it is all based on personal preference). There are other reasonable strategies, but this is by far the best one. Dragons demolish everything in their path, and depending on your spell choice, they can do even better. I have never been one to max out a town hall before I upgrade to the next one, but town hall eight really pushed me to have the best base possible. I upgraded all my walls to level eight before I started upgrading my defenses, because walls are extremely intimidating. Once you get all walls to level eight, I recommend powering up a cannon, because the double cannon is lethal towards tanks. While upgrading defenses, always try to have a troop leveling up in the laboratory, because high level troops are the key to ranking up. See extra details at Clash of Clans hack.

There’s no denying the fun of the multiplayer battles and the war system in Clash of Clans. You could be forgiven for overlooking the single-player mode. It contains 50 stages with three stars, awarded in the same way as multiplayer battles. You earn one star for dealing 50% damage, one for destroying the town hall, and another for destroying the entire base. Not only are there achievements to unlock for getting stars, but it also generates resources. Winning these battles gets gold and elixir, just like raiding another player’s base. The later levels can also help you perfect your Clash of Clans strategies when battling against harder bases.

All clash of clans (COC) players are aware that gems are the most important game currency and the only way to get free gems is time consuming as gem boxes take a few days or even weeks to get to your base. if you are lucky then you might get a small supply of gems but we all know that upgrading resources, defense, and town hall cost a lot more than that. Who is ready to wait for months or probably years to get a hundred of gems? Source: