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Wrestling latest news and shows reviews? After wasting time in WCW, Austin went to WWE where he was given a new lease on life. His “Stone Cold” character unleashed a can of whoop-ass on the American community and skyrocketed the WWE into a billion-dollar business. During his popular run, Austin’s t-shirts outsold other wrestling products 4-to-1. He was also a bonafide rating bonanza, helping WWE Raw take over the lead from rival WCW Nitro. Truly a champion, he deserves the No.2 spot Greatest Wrestlers on our list.

Britt Baker was the first woman signed to AEW, but her character has come a long way since then. Baker’s recent turn from wholesome dentist to bossy role model suits her well. Although she had always been cast as a babyface in the past, she said Cody Rhodes recognized her potential as a heel right away. When she finally did make her heel turn, fans told her they were reminded of Chris Jericho during his own role model days. Since then, she has watched countless Jericho videos for inspiration and is even mentored by Jericho himself on a regular basis.

Upright wrestling was also a part of the pentathlon event in the Olympic Games, a bout being fought to a clear-cut fall of one of the wrestlers. The most famous ancient Greek wrestler was Milon of Croton, who won the wrestling championship of the Olympic Games six times. Wrestling was less popular among the Romans than it had been with the Greeks, and, with the fall of the Roman Empire, references to wrestling disappeared in Europe until about 800 ce.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many entertainment businesses to shut down, either temporarily or permanently. However, in this COVID-19 crisis, two premier pro wrestling entities have kept airing fresh content every week. One of the two pro wrestling giants is WWE as the company has managed to find a way to work around the situation. In all these years of storytelling, WWE has seldom failed to provide us with unique stories, moments, and facts – and we love these tidbits. For instance, the fact that WrestleMania 16 (2000) had no men’s singles match has always fascinated me. See more info on WWE News.

From his early days as the Legend killer to his modem gimmick as the Viper, the third generation star burst onto the scene as part of Evolution. He became the youngest world champion in WWE history in 2004 at age 24 and his RKO finisher has since become one of wrestling’s most popular finishing moves. The most electrifying man in sports entertainment has been a trailblazer for wrestlers to forge a path into the mainstream entertainment business. The Rock was towards the end of his legendary WWE run during the 2000s before he cemented his name as Hollywood’s highest-paid actor Dwayne Johnson. Nevertheless, his icon vs icon match against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania X8 in 2002 cemented his legacy as one of the best of all time.