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Obtain PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate advices? Each PMP exam is compiled of unique questions. Not one question is the same. However, many exam takers have declared that most of the included questions are extracted from these knowledge areas: Project Communications Management and Project Stakeholder Management. There are normally not many calculation questions, like for example Earned Value Management, included in the PMP exam. So, do study them and make sure you understand them, but do not lose time memorizing formulas, because there are tons. Integrated Change Control is one of the topics that most exam takers recommend to study in-depth for the exam. There will probably be a considerable amount of questions on this topic.

There are many reasons why some people fail the PMP exam. It may be because of the lack of understanding the exam concepts or the lack of mock exams you took, prior to taking the actual exam. But whatever the reason for failure is, never let it stop you from becoming a certified project manager. There are ways to prepare for your upcoming PMP examination, it would also depend on your learning style and needs. The PMP certification exam is such a huge step in your career as a project manager or a business person. With the right preparations and self-discipline, you’ll be able to pass the 2019 PMP exam and become a certified project manager.

But If you plan to go ahead with CBTproxy, you just have to pay 2 prices. Exam fees and Our fees. You are free of all the other costs which you must normally pay. Also, if you fail the exam and wants to retake the exam, your exam fees will be on us. The difficulty lies in the fact that the exam tests not only the memory of the concepts but the practical application of them. When you add the pressure of time (you need to answer 200 questions in 240 minutes), it becomes terrifying for even a seasoned project manager. See more info at Pass PMP.

Do you have any recommendations for future PMP candidates? I would recommend the future PMP candidates to allocate a good amount of time revision and sample PMP exam practice after completion of mandatory 35 hours of training. The revision will help you to revisit all the topics and clarify your doubts. The sample exam will test your knowledge and application of it on different scenario-based questions. It will also help to finish the 200 questions within 4 hours in the real exam.

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