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Lots of people are competing for the same job. If you want a job you must be noticed by the recruiter, in a sea of resumes. That’s why you need a certified resume writer. Here are some tips for a more professional resume for people who want to self educate about the basics. Using a resume template as a starting point allows for personal customization on a predesigned platform. Add your information to the resume template, then tweak it to highlight your skills and abilities. But i still think it’s better to hire a professional writer.

Use “power” words. Demonstrate that you are a person of action. Rather than being “responsible for,” something, use words like “advised,” “led,” “launched,” “executed,” “generated,” “planned,” “produced,” etc. These words (and others like them) demonstrate your ability to perform on the job and your specific role in previous jobs. Strong action words validate your capabilities and specific duties you have performed. Consider which is better: Responsible for launch of a new product or Initiated and led new product-launch that resulted in $20 million in revenue. Don’t forget that your resume is your document, and it represents you, who you are and what you can do when you can’t be there in person to explain all of that to a recruiter or hiring manager. Your resume is just one of hundreds that fly into any given company on any given day. You need to stand out from the crowd, and it is your responsibility to make your resume stand out.

Select the best organizational format. Most resumes are written in chronological (reverse time order) format, but that does not mean that the chronological choice is best for you. If you are making a career change or have extremely broad, related skills sets, a combination format may be best. The combination is evenly balanced between skill set description, achievements, and employment history.

Did you know that 75% of resumes never get read by a human being? We can help you beat the bots! When you apply for a job online, your resume isn’t typically going directly to a recruiter or hiring manager. It’s first being processed by an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Whether that human recruiter ever sees your resume could depend on how well your resume is optimized for ATS algorithms. We know how to format your resume and what keywords to include for your industry in order to help get your resume into the hands of the recruiters and hiring managers. Read extra info at Resume writing services.

We provide custom tailored resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and other career search documents written by Certified Professional Resume Writers that set you apart from the rest. ?All of our writers hold CPRW, CARW and other internationally-recognized certifications.

If you’ve been applying for jobs and are not getting interviews, it’s probably because the employers’ applicant tracking system (ATS) software is screening you out based on keywords, or lack thereof. We have expertise in designing resumes that meet ATS guidelines in terms of formatting and keyword optimization. Think of it similar to how websites rank on Google. Just as web developers Search Engine Optimize websites to get them to show up higher in search results, our writers will optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile to get you ranking higher in the results provided by the ATS system and by LinkedIn recruiter searches. You can learn more about how the ATS process by going to the Home page and scrolling down to the ATS diagram.